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Open Access Dissertation

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January 2016

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Nutrition and Food Science

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Ahmad R. Heydari


Aging is a multifactorial process associated with alterations in several physiological functions. It increases susceptibility to disease and ultimately results in mortality. Since the associated diseases of aging are highly prevalent in the geriatric population, targeting the aging process as a whole may provide a better way to delay these age related diseases, in turn delaying aging. Various interventions have been shown to delay aging and age related diseases. They impact a major nutrient sensing pathway, mTOR. mTOR signaling is altered in many cancers and its downregulation was shown to delay aging. Other interventions extend lifespan by altering the one carbon metabolism. In this study, we present folate restriction as a possible nutritional intervention to extend lifespan and improve health span impacting one carbon metabolism and the mTOR signaling pathway.

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