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Open Access Dissertation

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January 2015

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Khari Brown


Parental involvement can have significant impacts on student academic performance during elementary school years. The current study intended to examine the importance and effect of Arab American parental involvement in the success of their students during their elementary years. The study also provided information about the resources that allow parents to be involved at their children’s schooling, and the barriers that prevent them from being involved and participate as much as they would like in their children’s schooling.

The present research applied appropriate approach, principles, and findings. This research examined the effect of Arab American immigrant parental involvement and participation in school- based and home-based activities that support student academic success. Some parents have reported facing more difficulties and barriers to their involvement in the education of their children than others, especially when English is not the primary language spoken at home. In addition, time in the United States since emigration, can have an impact on the extent of parental involvement in educational support activities.

A qualitative research design was used as the framework for this study. A purposive sample of 20 parents was selected to participate this study. A qualitative in depth 20 interviews used to examine Arab American parents’ perception of parental involvement at Denver and Brooks Elementary schools in Madison Public schools.

The findings indicated that Arab American parents value education tremendously, care about their kids’ education and success and they will do whatever it takes to help them at home and at school. Furthermore, this study focused on the resources which allow parents to be involved and allow them to participate in their children’s education, and helping them with homework and school projects. Also, this study examined the barriers which prevent Arab American immigrant parents from participating in their children’s education. Additional research is needed to further study the effect of Arab American parental involvement and the success of their children during their elementary school years.