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Open Access Dissertation

Date of Award

January 2015

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Education Evaluation and Research

First Advisor

Shlomo Sawilowsky


This is a mixed-methods evaluation of the Educational Evaluation and Research program at Wayne State University. The process of evaluation involved determining the efficacy of triangulating qualitative and quantitative methods of evaluation in order to access the EER program's goal acquisition. The process of evaluation commenced with a qualitative method of interviewing faculty members and was triangulated quantitatively with a likert scale survey that was modified from Wayne State University's Student Evaluation of Teaching Survey (SETS). The Student Evaluation of the Educational Evaluation and Research Program (SEEERP) was designed to measure graduate students' perspectives of EER goals and objectives acquisition. Data analysis strategies included qualitative and quantitative procedures. Information gathered ethnographically provided an introspection of the culture of the Education Evaluation and Research Program from information rich faculty members and the psychometric properties of the (SEEERP) instrument provided a quantitative assessment of students' perspective of the EER program. There was an emergence of inductive and deductive information from faculty in the findings. The findings in the SEEERP illustrated that students supported the assertions of the faculty, although there were some significant differences relative to certain questions along the lines of demographics.