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Curriculum and Instruction

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Dr. Burnis Hall


The purpose of this study was to investigate the perceptions of public school administrators in the Macomb County, Michigan region toward professional development training offered them through the Macomb Intermediate School District (MISD) Management Academy training program, as compared to other training programs attended outside of the MISD Management Academy. A survey was developed to ascertain if there was a relationship between attendance in the programs and advancement in their administrative career; to compare the benefit of effective training and learning opportunities between MISD and other programs, and, to analyze the demographic data related to program participants. The population of the study consisted of 222 public school administrators who participated in the MISD Management Academy training program between 1986 and 1996. The sample received for the study totaled 76 participants, making a survey return of 34 percent. Respondents included 54 percent female and 46 percent male administrators; over 52 percent held doctorate or specialist degrees; 60 percent spent six to fifteen years as an administrator; and, 43 percent were serving as building principals at the time of the survey. The findings of the study revealed that participants in the MISD Management Academy Training program rated the effectiveness of the program and the learning environment in which the program was held as very favorable on a five-point Likert scale. Additional findings of the study included: 1. Over one-third of the administrators rated the skills they had learned in the MISD Academy programs as having a moderate to great effect on getting a job upgrade. 2. Tests indicated that there was not a significant difference between levels of satisfaction with MISD training programs and outside training programs. 3. Components of effective training programs can not be predicted from administrators' demographic characteristics.