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Educational Administration

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Roger DeMont Ed.D


This study intended to determine if there were differences in the perceptions of effectiveness of site-based management, differences in the perceptions of participation in shared decision making, and differences in the areas of decision making in which teachers should be involved, in schools using site-based management and in schools using traditional styles of management. Findings show that teachers that use site-based management did not appear to differ in their perceptions of shared decision making from those that use traditional style of management. This study intended to determine if there was a relationship between the perceptions of the effectiveness of site-based managements and shared decision making with student outcomes as measured by MEAP test scores for reading and mathematics. Findings indicated that students did not appear to perform better on MEAP tests in site-based managed schools when compared to results from schools using a traditional management structure. This research involved a nonexperimental, descriptive research design with 27 elementary schools in 21 school districts. Surveys were distributed to 270 full time academic teachers with a return rate of 30.0% (n=81). The instrument used to determine the effectiveness of site-based management and shared decision making was adapted from a larger survey developed by Dade County Public Schools. The instrument used to determine shared decision making was developed from a chart developed by Duke, Showers, and Imber (in Pikos, 1993). A demographic survey including age, gender, level of education, type of teacher, and professional experiences was included. Results of the data analyses showed there were no differences between teachers in the two schools on their perceptions of site-based management and current participation in shared decision making. Student outcomes, as measured by MEAP test scores did not differ significantly in site-base managed and traditionally managed schools.