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Open Access Dissertation

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January 2015

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Educational Psychology

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Dr. Jina S. Yoon


The purpose of this study was to explore academic engagement and academic achievement among elementary-aged students and examine the role of students' relationships with teachers and parents in academic engagement. The participants (n=354) were students enrolled in the third, fourth or fifth grade from a rural school district in southeastern Michigan. Academic engagement varied by grade, where students in 5th grade displayed lower levels of engagement than students in the third and fourth grade. Males were also found to display increased levels of behavioral disaffection than females. Relational support was correlated with academic engagement across both the parent-child and teacher-student relationship. Aspects of involvement and autonomy within the parent-child relationship contributed to academic engagement. Controlling for parent-child relationship, teacher-student relationships made a unique contribution to all four constructs of academic engagement. Previous academic achievement was associated with current academic achievement. However, academic engagement was not correlated with current academic achievement. As a result, academic engagement did not mediate the role of parent-child and teacher-student relationships and academic achievement.