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Open Access Dissertation

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January 2015

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Instructional Technology

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Ingrid Guerra-Lopez


The purpose of a Learning & Talent Development (LTD) function in organizations is to develop workforce capabilities to execute strategic priorities. A strategically aligned LTD function is perceived as a business partner and as an asset to the business.

The study design followed a psychometrically validated scale development process with the goal of confirming a valid and reliable measure of strategic alignment in LTD functions. Three studies were performed to (1) generate and test the initial pool of items, (2) explore the factor structure, and (3) confirm the factor structure. The results of three studies produced a two-factor, 15-item factor structure for the LSDA scale with 58.143% total variance explained.

The results of the study describe the type of relationship internal customers require to perceive the LTD function as aligned to the business and also addresses how LTD members that have a desire to be strategically aligned can proactively design and manage the relationship to gain cooperative work environments in which LTD can exercise its role in creating and modeling alignment.