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Open Access Dissertation

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January 2015

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Wen Li


Electronic motions which happen in 10 to 100 of attoseconds are the heart of all processes in nature. Therefore monitoring and extracting details in this fundamental level will provide new prospect to the areas as information technology, basic energy science, medicine and life sciences. The challenge being, develop a tool to reach such a fast time scale for real time observation in atomic level. In this thesis work we have address this matter using two interesting approaches related to the laser matter interaction: strong field ionization and nonlinear attosecond spectroscopy. The first part is based on the studies related to the strong field ionization probe. Strong field ionization probe was verified to be sensitive to the sign of magnetic quantum number which evident the capability of probing atomic orientation. The next part is based on non-linear attosecond spectroscopy. With the use 1 kHz laser and the loose focusing geometry we were able to produce attosecond pulse trains with a sufficient flux to perform two photon double ionization. Further, we were also able to extract ion-electron coincidence measurements of the double ionization event of XUV-pump-XUV-probe system for the first time. The extended studies will be carried out with the combination of our newly developed 3D detector to this current setup which will facilitate the triple coincidence capabilities.

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