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Open Access Dissertation

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January 2014

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Education Evaluation and Research

First Advisor

Shlomo Sawilowsky


The potential of expanding the evaluative skills of site-based practitioners is examined in a variety of educational enterprises by introducing a procedure to determine evidence for construct validity of measurement tools. The expectations of administrators of educational enterprises, including school day principals, administrators of after school and extended day programs, camps and other instructional settings to effectively collect and manage data is growing. Research skills are an important part of both accountability and improvement efforts which are frequently tied to funding. The multitrait-multimethod matrix (MTMM) (Campbell & Fiske, 1959) combined with the Sawilowsky I test (Sawilowsky, 2002) may provide a way for site-based administrators to develop a deeper understanding of the data for which they are responsible while increasing these administrators' usefulness as evaluators of measurement methods.