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Open Access Dissertation

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January 2014

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Marcus W. Dickson


The present study focused on a relatively new concept, Leader-Culture Fit (L-C Fit), to help bridge the empirical gap that exists between the literatures on leadership and organizational culture. L-C Fit, a subtype of Person-Environment fit, was examined here by testing the complex relationships between perceptions of leaders, perceptions of their cultures, and how the fit between the two relates to leader effectiveness. The present study found that fit (and misfit) between a leader and their culture for perceived leader effectiveness. Specifically, fit is beneficial for perceived leader effectiveness when the leader and the culture are in alignment and are rated highly. Misfit is most beneficial when the leader is perceived to be more capable than the culture they reside in. Further, the hierarchical level of the leader was found to moderate this relationship for one of the traits examined. Implications for the literature around L-C fit and for practitioners are discussed.

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