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At Wayne State University, we are proud of the remarkable research of our faculty and their drive to enrich the lives of others. Their pioneering ideas provide the foundation for developing the knowledge workers of tomorrow and strengthening our community.

Research and creativity are key to our nation's economic and cultural transformation. Universities are the force through which life-changing discoveries are made and introduced successfully into the marketplace. For the United States to maintain a position of world leadership, new knowledge and technology must be continuous and substantial; research universities like Wayne State, are vital sources of these innovations and help keep the region and the nation competitive.

Wayne State is very engaged in the revitalization of the city of Detroit, the state of Michigan and beyond. WSU is now, more than ever, the epicenter of a transformation to create a new economy, and central to these efforts is our excellent research and the research-based education we provide. The creation of new technologies that will improve health, support the education of our children and improve our work is the core of an innovative campus, and Wayne State is committed to supporting the efforts of our faculty as they create the future.

Even in difficult economic times and shrinking support for research, Wayne State has increased its research funding over the last five years. We continue to strengthen our communication efforts and research infrastructure, which ultimately improves our environment for enabling our researchers to contribute significantly to the excellence of our diverse institution and region. Through their exceptional work, Wayne State University continues its long commitment to engagement in the City of Detroit and beyond. Our future is bound by our commitment to community -- this is who we are, and who we will always be.

I am pleased to share with you some of the exciting work that is happening at Wayne State University. I wish there were enough space to showcase all of our stories, but only a few of our successes can be highlighted in this issue of New Science. The stories presented span many areas, including the scholarship of the arts and humanities. The faculty in these fields bring different and valuable perspectives, talents and expertise that are significant in their own right and complement those of other disciplines to contribute to our excellence in research.

To learn more about the research achievements of our faculty and students, I invite you to visit www.research.wayne.edu. I hope you enjoy this issue of New Science!

Hilary Ratner, Ph.D.