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At Wayne State University, we take great pride in a rich and diverse environment that provides faculty and students opportunities to achieve their dreams and goals. Research, scholarship, and creative activity are the foundation of our achievements, providing our students an enhanced university experience that ultimately prepares them to be our future leaders, scientists, health professionals, educators, artists and entrepreneurs. Our faculty transform not only the lives of our students, but also those of the people in Detroit, Michigan and around the world with groundbreaking ideas and discoveries that lead to new ways of living.

This issue of New Science showcases faculty and students from across the university who are making remarkable discoveries through creative and innovative approaches to their work. From engaging art to help families cope with pediatric cancer and developing nanodevices to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of maternal infections and fetal brain injury, to improving the health of the Great Lakes, Wayne State faculty are translating sophisticated new ideas into revolutionary approaches that transform health, industry, education and the environment to create better lives for us all.

Wayne State University is playing a major part in the revitalization of Detroit and Michigan as we transition from a manufacturing-based market system to a global, knowledge-driven economy. Our research activities provide new opportunities for commercialization, as we transfer university- based intellectual property into the marketplace and create start-up companies that generate new jobs and product and service innovations. TechTown, Wayne State’s research and technology park, is home to many of these new ventures and brings the resources of Wayne State to high-technology startup companies to diversify and strengthen Michigan’s economy in emerging high-growth industries.

Wayne State University also reaches beyond our campus to partner with the University of Michigan and Michigan State University in the University Research Corridor, which is accelerating economic development in Michigan. By facilitating collaborative research projects and large initiatives, the University Research Corridor is sparking innovation and fostering an entrepreneurial spirit that is critical to the future of Michigan. Stories of this transformation are included here.

Of course, only a few of our successes can be highlighted in this issue. To learn more about us I invite you to visit www.research.wayne.edu.

I hope you enjoy this issue of New Science!

Hilary H. Ratner, Ph.D.
Vice President for Research