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Asperger Syndrome (AS) presents unique challenges to both families and schools. Children diagnosed with Asperger’s possess unparalleled characteristics in cognitive functioning and behavioral pattern. These children need extra attention and assistance in schools. School counselors require a strategy to successfully engage and support these children and to deal with multiple phases of difficulties. A support network approach is proposed in this article to assist school counselors coordinating resources in schools, families, and the community. This approach is discussed with essential points that will help school counselors reach out to families and the community and create a friendly and supportive environment for children diagnosed with Asperger’s.

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Guo, Y., Wang, S., Corbin-Burdick, M. F., & Statz, S. R. (2013). Essential Points of a Support Network Approach for School Counselors Working with Children Diagnosed with Asperger’s, Michigan Journal of Counseling, 40(2), 28-39. doi:10.22237/mijoc/1385856180





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