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The purpose of this study was to examine correlates of adolescent sexual activity, including age of first date, family composition, clarity of long term goals, and maternal and paternal views about premarital sex. There were 672 males and females, three races/ethnicities, both urban and suburban settings, and socioeconomic diversity. Sexual behavior was most related to parental views about premarital sex, adolescents’ own values toward premarital sex, clarity of adolescents’ long term goals, and the age when adolescents first learned about sexual intercourse. Important implications for sex education are discussed. Potential intervention variations by gender and race/ethnicity should be considered.

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Anagurthi, C., Johnson, A. C., & Somers, C. L. (2011). Individual and Family Correlates of Adolescents' Sexual Behavior: Multiethnic Findings, Michigan Journal of Counseling, 38(2), 4-16. doi:10.22237/mijoc/1314835260





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