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This study investigated the use of the Parental Alliance Measure (PAM) with women parenting children with disabilities. A total of 117 women who parent children with disabilities participated in the study. Using factor analysis, the same two factors were identified for this study as the original standardization group for the PAM. Factor 1 for this study was defined by 17 items and was labeled Communication and Teamwork for Mothers. Factor 2 had 3 items and was labeled Feels Respected by the Other Parent. Results suggested the PAM was robust for use with women who parent children with disabilities. The PAM may be used with families to understand parenting dynamics, develop strategies, and increase involvement in the therapeutic process.

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Abdo, A., Fischer, J., & Kmitta, D. (2003). The Use of the Parental Alliance Measure with Women Parenting Children with Disabilities, Dimensions of Counseling, 31(2), 17-24. doi:10.22237/mijoc/1064966580





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