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This study explores the relationship between future orientation and teens’ attitudes about pregnancy and avoidance behaviors. Participants were 91 adolescents, ages 15-19, surveyed using measures developed for this study that examined future orientation, attitudes to avoiding pregnancy, child-rearing responsibility, and perceptions about teen parenting. The results suggested that finishing high school was important in predicting a desire to avoid pregnancy. The perception that a teen pregnancy would make it difficult to achieve post-high school educational goals, specifically a college education, was also found to be important. Implications for school counselors and mental health professionals are discussed. Issues specific to non college-bound students are addressed.

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Somers, C. L., Gizzi, T. A., & Johnson, S. A. (2003). The Impact of Future Orientation on the Avoidance of Teen Pregnancy, Dimensions of Counseling, 31(1), 17-24. doi:10.22237/mijoc/1044057780





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