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Technical Report


This paper mainly concerns deriving first-order and second-order necessary (and partly sufficient) optimality conditions for a general class of constrained optimization problems via smoothing regularization procedures based on infimal-like convolutions/envelopes. In this way we obtain first-order optimality conditions of both lower subdifferential and upper subdifferential types and then second-order conditions of three kinds involving, respectively, generalized second-order directional derivatives, graphical derivatives of first-order subdifferentials, and secondorder subdifferentials defined via coderivatives of first-order constructions.

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Applied Mathematics | Mathematics

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49J52, 49J53, 90C30, 90C26, 26A27


Dedicated to Franco Giannessi in honor of his 75th birthday. This research was supported by the Australian Research Council under Discovery Grant DP0664423; and by the US National Science Foundation under Grant DMS-0603846.