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This paper concerns applications of advanced techniques of variational analysis and generalized differentiation to problems of semi-infinite and infinite programming with feasible solution sets defined by parameterized systems of infinitely many linear inequalities of the type intensively studied in the preceding development [5] from our viewpoint of robust Lipschitzian stability. We present meaningful interpretations and practical examples of such models. The main results establish necessary optimality conditions for a broad class of semi-infinite and infinite programs, where objectives are generally described by nonsmooth and nonconvex functions on Banach spaces and where infinite constraint inequality systems are indexed by arbitrary sets. The results obtained are new in both smooth and nonsmooth settings of semi-infinite and infinite programming.

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Applied Mathematics | Mathematics | Numerical Analysis and Computation

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90C34, 90C05, 49J52, 49J53, 65F22


This research was partially supported by grants MTM2005-08572-C03 {01-02) from MEC (Spain) and FEDER (EU), and MTM2008-06695-C03 (01-02) from MICINN (Spain); and by the National Science Foundation (USA) under grant DMS-0603846.