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The paper is devoted to the study of metric regularity, which is a remarkable property of set-valued mappings playing an important role in many aspects of nonlinear analysis and its applications. We pay the main attention to metric regularity of the so- called parametric variational systems that contain, in particular, various classes of parameterized/perturbed variational and hemivariational inequalities, complementarity systems, sets of optimal solutions and corresponding Lagrange multipliers in problems of parametric optimization and equilibria, etc. Based on the advanced machinery of generalized differentiation1 we surprisingly reveal that metric regularity fails for certain major classes of parametric variational systems, which admit conventional descriptions via subdifferentials of convex as well as prox-regular extended-real-valued functions.

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Applied Mathematics | Mathematics


Dedicated to Professor V. Lakshmikantham in honor of his 85th birthday. This research was partially supported by the US National Science Foundation under grants DMS-0304989 and DMS-0603846 and also by the Australian Research Council under grant DP-04511668.