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The paper is devoted to optimization problems of the Bolza and Mayer types for evolution systems governed by nonconvex Lipschitzian differential inclusions in Banach spaces under endpoint constraints described by finitely many equalities and inequalities. with generally nonsmooth functions. We develop a variational analysis of such roblems mainly based on their discrete approximations and the usage of advanced tools of generalized differentiation satisfying comprehensive calculus rules in the framework of Asplund (and hence any reflexive Banach) spaces. In this way we establish extended results on stability of discrete approximations (with the strong W^1,2-convergence of optimal solutions under consistent perturbations of endpoint constraints) and derive necessary optimality conditions for nonconvex discrete-time and continuous-time systems in the refined Euler-Lagrange and Weierstrass-Pontryagin forms" accompanied by the appropriate transversality inclusions. In contrast to the case of geometric endpoint constraints in infinite dimensions, the necessary optimality conditions obtained in this paper do not impose any nonempty interiority /finite codimension/normal compactness assumptions. The approach and results developed in the paper make a bridge between optimal control/dynamic optimization and constrained mathematical programming problems in infinite-dimensional spaces.

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Applied Mathematics | Mathematics

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49J53, 49J52, 49J24, 49M25, 90C30


Research was partially supported by the USA National Science Foundation under grant DMS-0304989 and by the Australian Research Council under grant DP-0451168.