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This paper studies a Mayer type optimal control problem with general endpoint constraints for semilinear unbounded evolution inclusions in reflexive and separable Banach spaces. First, we construct a sequence of discrete approximations to the original optimal control problem for evolution inclusions and prove that optimal solutions to discrete approximation problems uniformly converge to a given optimal solution for the original continuous-time problem. Then, based on advanced tools of generalized differentiation, we derive necessary optimality conditions for discrete-time problems under fairly general assumptions. Combining these results with recent achievements of variational analysis in infinite-dimensional spaces, we establish new necessary optimality conditions for constrained continuous-time evolution inclusions by passing to the limit from discrete approximations.

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Applied Mathematics | Mathematics


Dedicated to Czeslaw Olech. This research was partly supported by the National Science Foundation under grant DMS-0304989 and by the Australian Research Council under grant DP-0451168.