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Cinderella. Directed and Choreographed by Matthew Bourne.
Review by Peter Tokofsky.

Darkest Desire: The Wolf’s Own Tale. By Anthony Schmitz.
Review by Louise Speed.

The Storyteller’s Journey: An American Revival. By Joseph Daniel Sobol.
Review by Victoria G. Dworkin.

Storied Landscapes: Hawaiian Literature and Place. By Dennis Kawaharada.
Review by Paul Lyons.

Piercing the Magic Veil: Toward a Theory of the Conte. By Harold Neemann.
Review by Danielle M. Roemer.

Poétique du conte: Essai sur le conte de tradition orale. By Nicole Belmont.
Review by Francisco Vaz da Silva.

The Witch Must Die: How Fairy Tales Shape Our Lives. By Sheldon Cashdan.
Review by Kristin M. McAndrews.