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Due to the recent decline of the economic situation in the United States, more credibility needs to be established in regard to the professions that are deemed “luxury career paths”. This essay focuses on interior design and historic preservation integration. This literature is intended to bring more credibility and awareness to the interior design field to show outsiders the potential and importance it holds. Most importantly, this proposal is for current designers who are not working in the field, to not give up hope for their design careers and think of ways to reinvent themselves (like choosing a specialty) to make themselves a diverse and sought after job candidate. Examined, is the design profession as a whole and details of the accreditation standards of an interior design program. Historic preservation is an excellent opportunity for designers to make a difference in the world, of only it was explored more often. Nearly every professional career begins at the educational level, therefore recommendations are made to incorporate preservation into an accredited interior design curriculum in several different formats, taking into consideration the different formats programs may conduct themselves. As a current graduating Master student in interior design, my inspiration for this work was to take my areas of interest (interior design, education, and historic restoration) and make them relate-able to those in, and interested in the interior design field.


Art Education | Arts and Humanities | Fine Arts | Historic Preservation and Conservation | History of Art, Architecture, and Archaeology | Interior Architecture