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The "buyer in ordinary course" rule of section 9-307(1) of the Uniform Commercial Code shelters good faith purchasers of certain goods from the rival claims of sellers' secured creditors. Professor Dolan argues that the Code's refusal to let title determine disputes over goods in other contexts extends to clashes between creditors and buyers under section 9-307(1). Hefinds the key to the Code's scheme for settling these clashes in the "special property interest" a buyer acquires at the moment goods are identied to a contract of sale. The scheme, he believes, is one ofgeneral respect for reasonable expectations based on possession, the special property interest taking up where those expectations cease. Professor Dolan expounds his interpretation of the Code in reference to a rival interpretation recently adopted by the New York Court of Appeals in Tanbro Fabrics Corp. v. Deering Milliken, Inc.


Commercial Law