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In the United States, religion and politics are intertwined. This entwinement helps to explain America's strong and unwavering support for Israel. Jewish-Americans, virtually across the board, are strong supporters of Israel, despite strong disagreement over a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The influence of Jewish-Americans on American foreign policy in the Middle East is primarily by way of Jewish strength in the Democratic party. Not only do Jewish-Americans strongly support Democratic candidates in all elections, but all but one of the disproportionately high number of Jewish Senators and Representatives in Congress are Democrats.

The Republicans are also strong supporters of Israel, because many conservative Christians, an important component of Republican voters, believe that Jewish control of the "holy land" will bring about a "second coming of Christ." Finally, the overwhelming majority of Americans, religious and non-religious, support Israel, because it is a democratic state, and because they have a favorable opinion of Jewish-Americans, and at best a mixed opinion about Arab-Americans and Moslems. in general.

The main thesis of the presentation is Jewish-American support for Israel, combined with their support of the Democratic Party, can help President Obama in his efforts to achieve a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The Jewish-American members of Congress, and the liberal part of the American-Jewish community that favors a solution can provide a degree of cover for the President. This degree of cover, reflected in assuring the Jewish community and the rest of the Nation, that the President is a "strong supporter of Israel,"" may serve to deflect criticism of the President from those from the conservative part of the Jewish community and from Christian conservatives, and may make any solution that the President succeeds in bringing about politically acceptable to the American public.


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