Journal of Transportation Management


This manuscript compares the three dimensions (Process Strategy, Market Strategy, and Information Strategy) of the Bowersox Daugherty (1987) logistics strategy typology among five disparate countries by integrating the findings of previous empirical research. The appropriateness of the three Bowersox/Daugherty dimensions when combined into the construct Overall Logistic Strategy (OLS) are assessed. The role of OLS impact on Organizational Competitiveness (COMP) through two intervening variables LCE (Logistics Coordination Effectiveness) and CSC (Customer Service Commitment) is evaluated. The findings indicate that OLS is an appropriate descriptor of logistics/ supply chain management in a wide range of cultures and that the integration of OLS, LCE, and CSC is useful in explaining COMP across cultures. The findings of this research are discussed in the context of earlier perspectives on organizational strategy and overall logistics strategy.