Journal of Transportation Management


In 2011, McGinnis, Kohn, and Kara reported the effects of overall logisties strategy (OLS) on logistics coordination effectiveness, customer service effectiveness, and organizational competitive responsiveness. This manuscript empirically compares the three dimensions of the Bowersox Daugherty typology to logisties strategies among U.S., Turkish, and Guatemalan companies. US, Turkish, and Guatemalan subjects (logistics managers) were chosen to test the underlying factor structure and measurement equivalences of the scales used. Using confirmatory factor analysis (CFA), findings indicate that the three dimensions of the Overall Logistics Strategy (OLS) - Process Strategy, Market Strategy, and Information Strategy - hold in all three country environments studied. However, structural equation modeling shows nonequivalent relationships between OLS and independent variables; logistics coordination effectiveness, customer service commitment, and organizational competitiveness for one of the three countries. We evaluate these findings in light of recent research into logistics strategy research on U.S. firms. Insights for those interested in comparative logistics strategies are provided.