Journal of Transportation Management


This study utilizes data envelopment analysis to examine the relationship between the functional heterogeneity of senior LTL motor carrier managers’ departmental positions and the relative efficiency of their companies in the production of quality customer service. Three measures from the Quest for Quality annual survey are utilized to measure customer satisfaction: on-time performance, value, and customer service. It is shown that data envelopment analysis can be used to assist LTL motor carriers in benchmarking the configuration of their managerial hierarchies against their peers in order to achieve the goal of customer satisfaction. The results of the present study confirm that senior level managers in operations and marketing-oriented functions have become more prevalent in the current deregulated operating environment. Furthermore, the results suggest that an optimal balance between senior level managers in market-oriented functions and those in operations-oriented functions does exist when the targeted objective is customer satisfaction. The study also demonstrates that most LTL motor carriers were relatively inefficient in their configuration of these senior level managers.