A pairwise balanced designs was constructed using cyclic partially balanced incomplete block designs with either (λ1 – λ2) = 1 or (λ2 – λ1) = 1. This method of construction of Pairwise balanced designs is further generalized to construct it using cyclic partially balanced incomplete block design when |(λ1 – λ2)| = p. The methods of construction of pairwise balanced designs was supported with examples. A table consisting parameters of Cyclic PBIB designs and its corresponding constructed pairwise balanced design is also included.



Recommended Citation

Ghosh, D. K., Desai, N. R., & Ghosh, S. (2020). Pairwise Balanced Designs From Cyclic PBIB Designs. Journal of Modern Applied Statistical Methods, 19(1), eP2908. https://doi.org/10.22237/jmasm/1608552960