Struggling trainees often require a substantial investment of time, effort, and resources from medical educators. An emergent challenge involves developing effective ways to accurately identify struggling students and better understand the primary causal factors underlying their poor performance. Identifying the potential reasons for poor performance in medical school is a key first step in developing suitable remediation plans. The SOM Modified Program is a remediation program that aims to ensure academic success for medical students. The purpose of this study is to determine the impact of modifying the CIPP evaluation model by adding a confirmative evaluation step to the model. This will be carried out by conducting a program evaluation of Wayne State University’s School of Medicine Modified Program to determine its effectiveness for student success. The key research questions for this study are 1) How effective is the Modified Program for student’s success in the SOM? 2) Do students benefit from a modified program in medical school? 3) Will the CIPP program evaluation model become more effective by adding confirmative evaluation component?



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Finney, T. L. (2019). Confirmative evaluation: New CIPP evaluation model. Journal of Modern Applied Statistical Methods, 18(2), eP3568. doi: