Even order ranked set sampling (EORSS) is a novel proposed ranked set sampling scheme connected with an auxiliary variable correlated with the study variable. This scheme quantifies only the one sampling unit which is at even position from each ranking set by employing specific criteria. The performance of the ratio estimator under EORSS is compared to its contemporary estimators in simple random sampling (SRS), ranked set sampling (RSS), median ranked set sampling (MRSS) and quartile ranked set sampling (QRSS) exploiting the same number of quantified units. The simulation results proved that EORSS is an efficient alternative sampling scheme for ratio estimation than SRS, RSS, MRSS and QRSS.



Recommended Citation

Tayyab, M., Noor ul-Amin, M., Hanif, M. (2019). Even Order Ranked Set Sampling with Auxiliary Variable. Journal of Modern Applied Statistical Methods, 18(2), eP2751. https://doi.org/10.22237/jmasm/1604189280