Bayesian estimation of the continuous Weibull distribution parameters was studied by Ahmad and Ahmad (2013) under the assumption of knowing the shape parameter. Bayesian estimates are considered here of the parameters of the discrete Weibull Type I [DW(I)] distribution and are obtained under two different assumptions: when the shape parameter is known, and when both parameters are independent random variables. A Mathcad program is performed to simulate data from the DW(I) distribution considering different values of the parameters and different sample sizes, and to obtain Bayesian parameter estimates. The resulted estimates are compared to the ML and proportion estimates obtained by Khan et al. (1989).



Recommended Citation

Ashour, S. K., & Muiftah, M. S. A. (2019). Bayesian estimation of the parameters of discrete Weibull type (I) distribution. Journal of Modern Applied Statistical Methods, 18(2), eP2740. doi: 10.22237/jmasm/1604189160