Some recurrence relations are established for the single and product moments of upper record values for the extended exponential distribution by Nadarajah and Haghighi (2011) as an alternative to the gamma, Weibull, and the exponentiated exponential distributions. Recurrence relations for negative moments and quotient moments of upper record values are also obtained. Using relations of single moments and product moments, means, variances, and covariances of upper record values from samples of sizes up to 10 are tabulated for various values of the shape parameter and scale parameter. A characterization of this distribution based on conditional moments of record values is presented.



Recommended Citation

Kumar, D., & Dey, S. (2018). Upper record values from extended exponential distribution. Journal of Modern Applied Statistical Methods, 17(2), eP2687. doi: 10.22237/jmasm/1557149263