Volume 17, Issue 2 (2018)

Invited Articles

Invited Debate

Regular Articles


ϕ-Divergence Loss-Based Artificial Neural Network
R. L. Salamwade, D. M. Sakate, and S. K. Mathur


On the Conditional and Unconditional Type I Error Rates and Power of Tests in Linear Models with Heteroscedastic Errors
Patrick J. Rosopa, Alice M. Brawley, Theresa P. Atkinson, and Stephen A. Robertson


A Random Forests Approach to Assess Determinants of Central Bank Independence
Maddalena Cavicchioli, Angeliki Papana, Ariadni Papana Dagiasis, and Barbara Pistoresi


Calibration of Measurements
Edward Kroc and Bruno D. Zumbo


The Impact of Equating on Detection of Treatment Effects
Youn-Jeng Choi, Seohyun Kim, Allan S. Cohen, and Zhenqiu Lu

Emerging Scholars


Evaluating the Efficacy of Conditional Analysis of Variance under Heterogeneity and Non-Normality
Yan Wang, Thanh Pham, Diep Nguyen, Eun Sook Kim, Yi-Hsin Chen, Jeffrey Kromrey, Zhiyao Yi, and Yue Yin

Algorithms and Code

JMASM 17.2