Composite endpoints are a popular outcome in controlled studies. However, the required sample size is not easily obtained due to the assortment of outcomes, correlations between them and the way in which the composite is constructed. Data simulations are required. A macro is developed that enables sample size and power estimation.



Recommended Citation

Brown, P. M., & Ezekowitz, J. A. (2017). Power and Sample Size Estimation for Nonparametric Composite Endpoints: Practical Implementation using Data Simulations. Journal of Modern Applied Statistical Methods, 16(2), 215-230. doi: 10.22237/jmasm/1509495120

simul_data.sas (12 kB)
macro to run simulations

NearestCorr.sas (2 kB)
macro called in simul_data.sas

derive_GR.sas (3 kB)
macro to derive global rank composite

derive_ZS.sas (4 kB)
macro to derive average Z-score composite

derive_WR.sas (4 kB)
macro to derive unmatched win-ratio composite