Following the death of founding editor Dr. Shlomo Sawilowsky, JMASM is currently in editorial hiatus. No new submissions are being accepted, and the publishing team is attempting to resolve outstanding submissions accepted before Dr. Sawilowsky's passing.

The Journal of Modern Applied Statistical Methods is an independent, peer-reviewed, open access journal designed to provide an outlet for the scholarly works of applied nonparametric or parametric statisticians, data analysts, researchers, classical or modern psychometricians, and quantitative or qualitative methodologists/evaluators.

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Current Issue: Volume 19, Issue 1 (2020)

Regular Articles


Pairwise Balanced Designs From Cyclic PBIB Designs
D. K. Ghosh, N. R. Desai, and Shreya Ghosh


A New Generalized Family of Distributions for Lifetime Data
Maha A. D. Aldahlan, Mohamed G. Khalil, and Ahmed Z. Afify


Robust Lag Weighted Lasso for Time Series Model
Tahir R. Dikheel and Alaa Q. Yaseen


On the Extension of Exponentiated Pareto Distribution
Amal S. Hassan, Saeed Elsayed Hemeda, and Said G. Nassr


Comparative Study of New and Traditional Estimators of a New Lifetime Model
Sandeep Kumar Maurya, Sanjay Kumar Singh, and Umesh Singh

Emerging Scholars


Two Different Classes of Shrinkage Estimators for the Scale Parameter of the Rayleigh Distribution
Talha Omer, Zawar Hussain, Muhammad Qasim, Said Farooq Shah, and Akbar Ali Khan

Algorithms and Code

JMASM 19(1), May 2020