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Current Issue: Volume 16, Issue 2 (2017)

Front Matter


Front Matter
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Invited Articles

Regular Articles


On Variance Balanced Designs
Dilip Kumar Ghosh and Sangeeta Ahuja


Performance Evaluation of Confidence Intervals for Ordinal Coefficient Alpha
Heather J. Turner, Prathiba Natesan, and Robin K. Henson


Detection of Outliers in Univariate Circular Data using Robust Circular Distance
Ehab A. Mahmood, Sohel Rana, Habshah Midi, and Abdul Ghapor Hussin


Around Gamma Lindley Distribution
Hamouda Messaadia and Halim Zeghdoudi

Brief Report


A Remark for the Admissibility of Rao’s U-test
Z. D. Bai, C. R. Rao, and M. T. Tsai

Emerging Scholars


Inferential Procedures for Log Logistic Distribution with Doubly Interval Censored Data
Yue Fang Loh, Jayanthi Arasan, Habshah Midi, and M. R. Abu Bakar

Algorithms and Code


JMASM 47: ANOVA_HOV: A SAS Macro for Testing Homogeneity of Variance in One-Factor ANOVA Models (SAS)
Isaac Li, Yi-Hsin Chen, Yan Wang, Patricia Rodríguez de Gil, Thanh Pham, Diep Nguyen, Eun Sook Kim, and Jeffrey D. Kromrey

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