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Intergovernmental Cooperation: A Background Paper

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Local governments in Southeast Michigan face difficult fiscal choices and, in response, are learning to work smarter and more cost effectively. SEMCOG and the Metropolian Affairs Council encourage intergovernmental cooperation as a way to provide services to citizens in fiscally challenged times. To that end, SEMCOG and MAC have launched the Making Joint Public Services Work in the 21st Century series. The series include reports that address a variety of issues related to intergovernmental cooperation. These reports were originally printed in the early 1990s and have been reviewed and updated, where appropriate. This report was prepared by Lynn Harvey, Professor and Extension Specialist, Michigan State University.


Public Affairs, Public Policy and Public Administration | Urban Studies and Planning


This report was published by the Southeast Michigan Council of Governments (www.semcog.org) in 2003. A full text version of this document can be downloaded at http://www.semcog.org/cgi-bin/products/publications.cfm

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