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This paper well attests to Robert Sokal's broad contribution to a cross-disciplinary human prehistory. For here, he and Jiangtian Chen team up with Merritt Ruhlen to add a linguistic perspective to a genetic one: specifically, to test whether the lineages of our languages might correlate, on a very ambitious worldwide scale, with those of our genes. "The implications... for the origin and history of our species would be great," as they put it, and certainly the stakes could hardly be higher for a holistic understanding of our origins.


Paul Heggarty is the correct spelling for the author of “Commentary on Chen et al.’s ‘Worldwide Analysis of Genetic and Linguistic Relationships of Human Populations’ (1995),” which was published in the October 2012 issue of Human Biology. With deepest apologies to the author and readers, the spelling of Dr. Heggarty’s name has been corrected in all digital versions of the article.