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The ACE and the LRPAP1 gene insertion-deletion polymorphisms were determined in 133 healthy individuals sampled from Ouangolodougou, a village located in northern Ivory Coast. No sex differences were found in ACE and LRPAP1 gene frequencies. The ACE insertion and deletion alleles had frequencies of 0.346 and 0.654, respectively. The ACE gene was not in Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium because of an excess of heterozygote genotypes and a deficiency of I/I genotypes compared to the expected values. Statistical analysis showed a significantly lower frequency of I/I genotypes in the Ivory Coast population compared to Sudan, Kenya, African Americans, and African Brazilians ( p < 0.05), whereas no differences were found with respect to Somalia. Conversely, the frequencies of the insertion and deletion alleles in the Ivorian population did not differ from those of other African populations. The LRPAP1 insertion and deletion allele frequencies found in our study (0.192 and 0.808, respectively) did not differ significantly from the Czech and Spanish populations, the only two populations previously characterized for this polymorphism. However, the frequency of the I/I genotype was significantly lower than the frequencies observed in the European samples. Because of the limited information on the LRPAP1 gene polymorphism distribution in worldwide populations, it was not possible to draw any conclusion.