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Apolipoprotein polymorphisms are emerging as suitable markers for the study of the formation of human populations. In contrast to the data available for apolipoprotein E, the data regarding apolipoprotein H (protein, apoH; gene, APOH) variations are only beginning to accumulate. By blood plasma isoelectric focusing and immunoblotting, we analyzed the distribution of apoH phenotypes in 397 individuals (192 males; 205 females) from seven villages of an autochthonous population of the eastern Adriatic island of Krk. APOH allele frequencies were: APOH*2 = 0.877, APOH*3 = 0.098, APOH*1 = 0.025, with the majority of the sample being homozygous. No significant differences between villages were observed. When these data were compared to those of other populations studied so far, a significant association between APOH allele frequencies and latitude was observed. We hypothesize that this association reflects differences in diet composition across different climatic zones.