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This study examines the distribution of apolipoprotein E (APOE) alleles in a population of healthy male and female Norwegians (n = 798) below the age of 40. The -491A/T polymorphism of the promoter region of the APOE gene was also examined. A seminested polymerase chain reaction was applied in the genotyping. The results showed that the E3 allele had the highest frequency (0.744), followed by E4 (0.198) and E2 (0.058). The APOE frequencies found in this study differ significantly from those obtained in earlier Norwegian APOE phenotypings. The allele frequencies in the -491 site of the promoter region were 0.845 for the A allele and 0.155 for the T allele. The genotype frequency was highest for AA (0.707), followed by AT (0.277) and TT (0.016). Moreover, the A allele was in linkage disequilibrium to E4.