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The butyrylcholinesterase (BChE; EC activities of two electrophoretic bands of the CHE2 C5+ phenotype—C5 and COF (other forms)—were quantified by densitometry in 100 individuals. The activity data suggested that, in addition to determining C5, the CHE2*C5+ allele also increases the level of other BChE forms. Since the relative activity of C5 showed the highest correlation coefficient with weight when compared with the other BChE activity variables (total, absolute C5, and absolute COF), its median activity level was used for the classification of CHE2 C5+ phenotypes (faint and intense). Mean body mass index (BMI) was compared among the CHE2 locus phenotypes—controlled by sex, age, and ethnic group. It was shown that the intense CHE2 C5+ phenotype presents a significantly lower ( p < 0.001) mean BMI (23.2) than the other phenotypes (faint CHE2 C5+ = 25.2; CHE2 C5– = 25.4). It seems that the relative COF activity is positively associated with fat storage, since CHE2 C5– and faint CHE2 C5+ phenotypes showed higher mean BMI than the intense CHE2 C5+ phenotype. Our hypothesis is that the presence of C5 in a relatively high proportion leads to less fat storage.