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Population samples from Morocco (El Jadida, south Atlantic coast) and La Alpujarra (Granada mountains, Spain), located on both shores of the western Mediterranean, were typed for 8 erythrocyte genetic markers: ACPI, ESD, PGD, AK1, GLOl, PGM1, SODA, and DIA. Genetic heterogeneity within western Mediterranean groups was investigated on the basis of allele frequencies of these 8 polymorphisms plus ABO and Rh (CDE). Only slight peculiarities for the ACPI, GLOl, and AK1 systems were observed in the 2 samples compared with other Mediterranean data. The new data are consistent with a main north to south genetic differentiation in the Mediterranean region. However, with regard to other European groups, the La Alpujarra population shows a particular affinity with North Africans that may be compatible with both an ancient common substratum and/or a special historical influence during the Muslim domination of the Iberian Peninsula.