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The red cell enzymes ACPI, ESD, GLOl, PGM1, and RDS and the serum proteins GC, HP, PI, and TF were determined for samples of 150 and 144 Sakha, respectively. The Sakha, a Turkic-speaking population, inhabit the Sakha-Yakutia Republic in northeastern Siberia. High gene frequencies were found for ACP1*A, GLOl *7, and GC*1F, whereas no PI*S or PI*Z alleles were found. In addition, 1 heterozygous phenotype with ACP1*C and 2 heterozygous phenotypes with ESD*7 were found. The genetic distance measures show close affinities of the Sakha population to Buryats (especially Western Buryats), Mongols, and Evenks, whereas the genetic distance to Turkic-speaking Altay and Tuvan populations is great.