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Complement component I (IF) and C1R subcomponent of Cl (C1R) types were determined by isoelectric focusing and subsequent immunoblotting techniques for 658 individuals from nine aboriginal Taiwanese populations. The frequency of the IF*A allele ranges from 0.075 (Bunun) to 0.430 (Saisiat), and a new variant allele IF*B2 was found to have polymorphic frequency in the Atayal. The frequency of the C1R*1 allele ranges from 0.410 (Yami) to 0.650 (Atayal), and the frequency of the C1R*2 allele ranges from 0.265 (Atayal) to 0.586 (Saisiat). The C1R*5 allele was found in five populations (Atayal, Bunun, Ami, Puyuma, Yami), and the C1R*9 allele was found in two populations (Tsou, Puyuma). The results indicate a remarkable degree of genetic variability among these populations. The variability may reflect long-term genetic and geographic isolation of each population.