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The Design and Analysis of Research Studies, by Bryan F.J. Manly. Cambridge, England: Cambridge, University Press, 1992. 353 pp. $89.95(hardcover), $34.95 (softcover). (Reviewed by Lawrence P. Greksa, Case Western Reserve University)

Morphometric Tools for Landmark Data: Geometry and Biology, by Fred L. Bookstein. Cambridge, England: Cambridge University Press, 1991. 435 pp. $89.95 (hardcover). (Reviewed by Michael Mahaney, Southwest Foundation for Biomedical Research)

Annual Editions: Physical Anthropology 92/93, edited by Elvio Angeloni. Guilford, CT: Dushkin Publishers, 1992. 148 pp. $9.95 (softcover). (Reviewed by Lynette E. Leidy, SUNY at Binghamton)

Interactions: The Biological Context of Social Systems, by Niles Eldredge and Marjorie Grene. New York: Columbia University Press, 1992. 242 pp. $40.00 (hardcover). (Reviewed by Jack Kelso, University of Colorado)

Evolution, Form, and Geography: A Symposium on Human Biology, edited by Charles Oxnard, Jonathan Stone, and Peter White. Perspectives in Human Biology 2 (Archaeology in Oceania, v. 27, no. 2). Nedlands, Australia: Centre for Human Biology, University of Western Australia, 1992. 79 pp. $16.00. (Reviewed by Gabriel W. Lasker, Wayne State University)

Advances in Body Composition Assessment, by Timothy G. Lohman. Current Issues in Exercise Science (CIES), Monograph 3. Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics Publishers, 1992. 150 pp. $18.00 (softcover). (Reviewed by Rita Wellens, Wright State University)

Diet, Demography, and Disease: Changing Perspectives on Anemia, edited by Patricia Stuart-Macadam and Susan Kent. Foundations of Human Behavior. New York: Aldine De Gruyter, 1992. 285 pp. $59.95 (hardcover). (Reviewed by George R. Milner, Pennsylvania State University)

Human Cancer: Epidemiology and Environmental Causes, by J. Higginson, C.S. Muir, and N. Munoz. Cambridge Monographs on Cancer Research. Cambridge, England: Cambridge University Press, 1992. 577 pp. $125.00. (Reviewed by Susan Galloway Hilsenbeck, University of Texas Health Science Center)

Biological Markers in Epidemiology, by Barbara S. Hulka, Timothy C. Wilcosky, and Jack D. Griffith. Oxford, England: Oxford University Press, 1990. 256 pp. $40.00. (Reviewed by Charles Hoff, University of South Alabama Medical Center)

Observations on the Soviet/ Canadian Transpolar Ski Trek, edited by R.J. Shephard and A. Rode. Basel, Switzerland: Karger, 1992. 190 pp. $157. (David A. Hay, LaTrobe University)