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Apolipoprotein H (APOH) (beta-2-glycoprotein I) polymorphism has been studied in 1159 Asian s. The sample included 872 Chinese, 179 Asiatic Indians (Dravidian), 91 Filipinos,and 17 Malays. APOH polymorphism was determined by isoelectric focusing of sera in thin-layer polyacrylamide gels containing 3 M urea followed by immunoblotting. The frequencies of the three alleles— APOH*l, APOH*2, and APOH*3--were found to be 0.031, 0.900, and 0.069 in the Chinese; 0.061, 0.866, and 0.073 in the Dravidian Indians; 0.055, 0.923, and 0.022 in the Filipinos; and 0.088, 0.882, and 0.029 in the Malays. The phenotypic distribution was at Hardy -Weinberg equilibrium in all the populations.