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Reconstruction of Life from the Skeleton. Edited by Mehmet Yasar Iscan and Kenneth A.R. Kennedy. 315 pp. A.R. Liss, Inc., New York, 1989. $49.50. (Reviewd by Marc S. Micozzi, National Museum of Health and Medicine)

The Foundations of Human Genetics, By Krishna R. Dronamraju. 211 pp. Charles C. Thomas, Springfield, Illinois, 1989. $40.75. (Reviewed by Dennis O.Rourke, University of Utah)

The Fabric of Mind. By Richard Bergland. 202 pp. Penguin Books Australia, Victoria, Australia, 1985 (reprinted 1988). $9.95 (paper). (Reviewed by Ted A. Rathbun, University of South Carolina)

The Colonization of the Pacific: A Genetic Trail Research Monographs on Human Population Biology, No. 7. Edited by A.V.S. Hill and S.W. Serjeantson. pp. Oxford Science Publications, Oxford, 1989. $ 97.50 (Australian). (Reviewed by R.J. Mitchell, La Trobe University, Australia)