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Book Review


Genetic Engineering: An Introduction to Gene Analysis and Exploitation in Eukaryotes. By S.M. Kingsman and A.J. Kingsman. 522 pp. Blackwell Scientific Publications, Oxford, 1988. $89.00. (Reviewed by Eric J. Devor, Washington University School of Medicine)

Health Ecology in Indonesia. Edited by Shosuke Suzuki. 243 pp. Gyosei Corporation, Tokyo, 1988. (Reviewed by Megan Shirlow, Australian National University)

The Anatomy and Biology of the Human Skeleton. By D. Gentry Steele and Claud A. Bramblett. 291 pp. Texas A&M University Press, College Station, Texas, 1988. $55.00 (cloth), $29.50 (paper). (Reviewed by Marcus Young Owl, California State University)

The Female Animal By Irene Elia. 318 pp. Henry Holt and Company, New York, 1988. $21.95. and The Curse, revised edition. By Janice Delaney, Mary Jane Lupton, and Emily Toth. 334 pp. The University of Illinois Press, Champaign, Illinois, 1988. $29.95 (cloth), $10.95 (paper). (Reviewed by Roberta L. Hall, Oregon State University)

Human Gene Mapping 9: Paris Conference. Ninth International Workshop on Human Gene Mapping. Edited by J. Frezel and H.P. Klinger. 762 pp. Karger, Basel, 1987. (Reviewed by Grant R. Sutherland)