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The FVC, FEV1.0, FEF25_ 75%, and FEVM1.0/FVC (%) were measured in 162 males aged 18.9-78.6 yr using a Stead-Wells spirometer. Multiple regression equations were generated to predict these lung parameters from the best weighted combination (p < 0.05) of age, standing height, sitting height, biacromial breadth, and chest expansion (FVC: R = 0.843, SEE = 513 ml BTPS; FEV1.0: R = 0.850, SEE = 436 ml BTPS; FEF25_ 75%: R = 0.665, SEE = 997 ml/s BTPS; FEV1.0/FVC: R = 0.537, SEE = 4.95%). The lower limit of normality was defined as the predicted value minus the 95% confidence interval (one-tailed test). Cross-validation of other FVC, FEV1.0, and FEF25-75% equations in the literature indicate that all the FVC and FEV1.0 ones are unsuitable for the sample and instrumentation used in this investigation.